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  Sequence Type: AA DNA / RNA help   Title: help   Output format: help
  Statistical test: help   Logo range: - help   Output size: X help
  Show residue if p-value < help   First position index: help   Resolution: help
  Bonferroni correction: help   Show X-axis indexes: help   Antialias bitmaps: help
  Show conserved residues: help   Show Y-axis labels: help   Boxed / Boxed shrink factor: help
  Fixed height symbols: help     Outline symbols: help

Color Scheme

Amino acids:
Black and white help
WebLogo defaults
Amino Color
Shapley help
Amino acid properties:
Surface exposure
Black and white help
WebLogo defaults
Shapley help

User defined

Symbols: Color: Symbols: Color: Symbols: Color: